Rosa de Carvalho Ross (Lo San) was born and educated in British Hong Kong. She is a member of one of the oldest Portuguese/Asian families in Macao. Growing up in Hong Kong, she was exposed to the culinary cultures of many countries, Asian and Western. She has lived in Europe, Asia, South America and many parts of the United States. While living in Europe for over ten years, Rosa acquired her knowledge of cooking which began in Italy through her friendship with Marcella Hazan, who describes Rosa as "her first pupil." Later she studied with James Beard in his Greenwich Village home, with Diana Kennedy and Jacques Pepin. She has also studied and worked with many leading chefs, among them Nick Malgieri, Alfred Kumin, Bobby Flay, Daniel Boulud, Anne Rosensweig, Bradley Ogden, Jeremiah Tower, Jaspar White and Martin Yan.
    Her unique multi-cultural background and training eminently qualifies her to teach classes in French, Italian, Asian and fusion cooking. She has taught vocational and avocational classes at Peter Kump's New York Cooking School for over fifteen years. She also gives private classes and travel teaches, conducts classes and tastings on Asian ingredients for R&D personnel, nutritionists and chefs of major food corporations. She has lectured on Chinese food and culture at New York University. Since 1980, Rosa Ross has owned a catering and special events planning company in New York City. Her company has been favorably reviewed by the New York Times, New York Magazine, Zagat, and many other professional publications.
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